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A big week in the Shinytoaster household, we have our first smartphones and they are teh sexy. HTC Desires on T-Mobile. It has Twitter and Facebook and Internets and GPS and a pretty f'ing damn good camera and things to help you find bars and stuff, uh, not many apps yet as Google has some behind the scenes work to do on the Android Marketplace, but that will come in time.

I am still learning the ropes when it comes to finding my way around it but am basically pretty much in love with my new little friend. Actually, I've caught myself using it at home when I have a perfectly good laptop, which I am trying to stop myself from doing.

My number remains the same - actually it hasn't been ported over from my old phone yet as it's a Bank Holiday weekend and these things take a couple of working days.

Also this weekend, New!Who. I am trying to get some thoughts on this together as I feel it bears talking about. Suffice to say that I liked it a lot; there was plot and actual problem solving by 11 that didn't rely on RTD having written in the special 'turn-off-the-aliens' switch that 10 always seemed to find 5 seconds from doomsday. I liked Amelia having waited for him, I liked the clever transition in mannerisms from 10 to 11. All good.

Things that lost me? I wasn't so impressed with the revamped theme and still felt the incidental music was totally over orchestrated - they must have the National Orchestra of Wales on some sort of retainer. The lingering shots of Amelia's legs - nice as they indubitably are - introduced an unwelcome element that I had hoped we'd left behind vis-a-vis companions wanting to jump the Doctor, as other commenters have said, and walking out on your fiancee the night before knowing that 11 is not too reliable with the old timekeeping... hmm....

So I don't particularly want another romance subplot knowing the unattainable Doctor will always disappoint them, but maybe that's just me. Sarah Jane Smith never snogged Tom Baker, after all. Unless she did.

On balance there was far, far more to like than to bitch about, I'm over the moon that RTD has been shown the door and I think Moffat's debut at the helm bodes well for the rest of the season, at least on a first viewing.

Wot' else? My Birthday weekend; I had a couple of expressions of interest in a mild bout of celebration to mark my 28th 21st and also a couple of North Americans saying 'I'd love to come but...' and while it is lovely that you would come it doesn't give me much of an idea of numbers because I'm not worth spending $600 on to fly over and have a curry with, so I think provisionally the plan is to do something on the Sunday (May 2nd) locally to us in the evening.

We have the awesomest vegetarian Indian restaurant across the street from us (they are licensed, I'm not that cruel) so I figure I'll book something there for early on in the evening and then try and get one of the two good pubs in Tooting (either the Tramshed or the Antelope) to let us have a table for 8-8:30 or so for a couple of whatever-takes-yer-fancies. The pubs are right next to the Tube and the Northern Line is running that weekend. Sunday things will be quieter, so let me know ASAP if you're in so I can get an idea of some numbers. I'll be Facebooking that as well for a few 'normal' friends.

Wedding prep goes well, with many things now booked and in the process of being sorted out. We had a productive afternoon in John Lewis on Friday scanning useful things for the gift registry; I was pleased about that as previous trips had not been especially fruitful, but there's a bit of a sense of urgency about that now as we're, wot', 74 days out and the list is declared open on May 8th, a month or so from now.

Things that still need to happen are a few ceremony procedural-related things, suit fittings, hotel bookings. We had hoped to go to a really nice place in Richmond, overlooking the river for our first night, but it seems they're booked out and so now that's kind of up in the air. I know it's not strictly necessary, but part of me doesn't want to come back to this flat right away afterwards.

Anything else to update? Had a grand day out the other weekend watching Enron in the West End with [personal profile] aegeus and [personal profile] wordplay. Some reservations about certain aspects of the play, but on the whole I greatly enjoyed it and am recommending it to anyone I can make listen. This was followed by BBQ at Bodeans with various people to celebrate [personal profile] malachan's birthday, joined by [personal profile] john, [personal profile] shewalksonroses and others that I am not sure if they are on Dreamwidth or not.

I've brought my bike out of hibernation and aside from a small setback a couple of weeks ago when I sat down heavily on the cross-brace on our shitty Ikea sofa and bruised my coccyx, have been biking to work again and this, coupled with regular gym sessions, seems to have lost me a couple of pounds that I do not want or need to lose. I know that's not really a problem, but I'm already at the low-end of acceptable. Solution clearly more chocolate and beer.

I wish I'd figured out sooner that exercise and the like can be a lot of fun; I hated team sports at school and was forced to do them whether or not I wanted to or not. Now I can do things at my own pace without pressure from teachers or unrealistic expectations about my limited athletic ability from so-called teammates, and I'm really enjoying both the gym and cycling.

And now the four-day weekend is winding down and I am full of chocolate...

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Date: 2010-04-05 05:57 pm (UTC)
sophie8: (Tardis)
From: [personal profile] sophie8
Wedding prep sounds good. Are you going for full morning dress or really nice suits? Also do you have a official wedding colour? I'm not really sure how to explain that if you don't know what I mean. Mostly I'm now looking at pretty dresses and I do not want to accidentally pick a colour that makes me look like I belong to the wedding party.

Birthday plans sound good. Indian food is nommy.

And you and Tine have hit the nail on the head exactly when it comes to explaining my niggily dislike of the way they're setting up Amy/Eleven.

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Date: 2010-04-05 09:38 pm (UTC)
chris: (power)
From: [personal profile] chris
Enjoyed New Whooooo too! I liked the incidental music; I'm sure that there was a piece towards the end that was written in something like 7/4 time - it certainly felt alien. Over-orchestrated? Perhaps, but it just shows up 1970s/1980s production values when youh watch repeats on Sci-Fi.

Mmm, awesome vegetarian Indian.

I'd love to see the Enron play at some point, not least because the company I work for came into existence after Enron European Power Operations Ltd. was wound down when everything else Enron-related went up in smoke. Quite a few of my co-workers were there back in the Enron days; I'd love to know their take. (I think only our CEO at all knew any of the principals that I would imagine would be depicted in the play, though.)

Also, yay cycling! I miss cycling and the local National Cycle Route paths, but you know this house is way too small to house a bike. Some day we shall have the room, and once again I shall have a second-hand bike...
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Date: 2010-04-06 01:57 am (UTC)
longtimegone: (Default)
From: [personal profile] longtimegone

it doesn't give me much of an idea of numbers because I'm not worth spending $600 on to fly over and have a curry with

:P Worth it? Yes, you are! Also, when you find an airline that flies from Alabama to London for $600 total roundtrip YOU LET ME KNOW.


Also, I'm glad your coccyx is better. And I think the solution is ALWAYS more chocolate and beer!

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Date: 2010-04-05 07:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hopefully you can find somewhere else just as lovely for your wedding night. I know what you mean - it's not as though Zubin and I won't have a place to go back to after the wedding, it's just...why would you want to have your fabulous wedding day then go back to regular ol' flat? Is a river view required? I know there are a couple B&Bs in Richmond but without the river view. Here is one: and then the Richmond Gate Hotel. Anyway!

And I want to RSVP to your birthday thing with a 'yes' but it's a REALLY tentative 'yes' and it all depends on how quickly L.A. processes my visa. So I'm not sure if you wanna put me down or not, but I do do do so want to come and shall make all the best efforts to, but it's somewhat out of my hands >:[

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