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Today was mostly hot. My sources say 31 Centigrade in our neck of the woods, which doesn't surprise me. And so humid: some of you may remember that day in Boston in 2003 when I nearly died of hot and had to be revived with water and Mexican food - it was kind of a lot like that.

In the evening, to Le Petit Nantaise in Molesey for, in my case, scallops, pork escalope and profiteroles, the whole washed down with a very nice Muscadet - the occasion being another parental wedding anniversary. The establishment seems to have been founded by an Englishwoman who ran off to France to be with her beau, and then somehow persuaded him to give it all up to come and run a restaurant in suburban Surrey. However, for this it does remain demonstrably French, and thus a cut above the other 'Let's Play At France' restaurants that dot the area. This guy's mother was also present, taking us on a whirlwind musical tour of Europe through the power of her accordion. We had the theme from 'Jean de Florette,' a medley of Italian hits from 'Volare' to 'The Godfather,' and something that sounded suspiciously like 'Y Viva Espana' but may have been 'Song of the Volga Boatmen.'

Goodnight all.

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