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For a shot of pure sophistication, there is little to compare with zipping across the fields of northern France at 300kph while a selection of rather pleasant wines and a filet de saumon sauvage are served at your seat by a ravishingly pretty trilingual Belgian boy.

Corporate hospitality. Who can odds it, eh?

La de dum...
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So, I'm sitting at my desk at the window on the 21st floor of a huge post-modernist luxury hotel, and there are soft lights and chrome and glass fittings and a beer chilling in the free minibar, looking out at the yachts on the Mediterranean as the sun sinks into the sea to the west.

As you do.

I am meant to be doing my job and getting some work done, but I cannot log onto the work server to download the files I need. So I'm here instead. 'Ullo LJ.

In a few minutes we are being bussed off to have dinner at El Xalut de Montjuic, where the blurb tells me I 'will enjoy a spectacular view of Barcelona from the restaurant's panoramic terrace.'

Meeting in the lobby in, gosh, two minutes. Better dash. Busy, busy, etc...

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