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Well, I'm just going to add my voice to the chorus of praise for Doctor Who now - and to those who didn't like it all I have to say is tish-tosh and old wet fish - I loved it to bits. I think it benefitted from being a post-Buffy show, inasmuch as it was able to take the same stylistic ball and keep running with it; I liked the mix of jokes and plot that I don't feel existed in the show's previous incarnation. While classic Who stories are good, I think we enjoy them primarily for their Doctor Whoness.

Confusing? You'll see what I mean.

This show didn't have that classic kitsch Whoness, but it took enough from the originals to satisfy the people who wanted it back on screen, and enough from other shows that have been and gone since 1989 (Buffy is a good example). This made it a whole new show that stood perfectly well in its own right. It was still Who, yet the hiatus meant it was innovative enough to cope with the TV world of 16 years hence.

We can only speculate on whether the show would still be running and in what form if Michael Grade hadn't brought down the axe - for me, I think it would have run out of steam. It would probably have been axed in the late 90s, and if that had happened, then we surely wouldn't be seeing its present incarnation. Maybe we should start thanking him?

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