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This one got gacked from [ profile] anw

Open iTunes/iPod or Windows Media Player to answer the following.
Go to your library.

How many songs? 3,764

Arrange by artist:
First artist: 10,000 Maniacs
Last artist: Zero 7

Arrange by song:
First Song: '74 - '75 - The Connells
Last Song: Zwischenstuck - ATB

Arrange by time:
Shortest item: 'Come Again' - Alan Ford Dialogue - Snatch OST - 0:04
Shortest Song: Her Majesty - The Beatles - Abbey Road - 0:23
Longest Song: Alice's Restaurant - Arlo Guthrie - 18:38
Longest item: The Tempest, Symphonic Fantasy op. 18 - Tchaikovsky Symphony No 5 - Andrew Litton; Bournemouth Symphony - 23:48

Arrange by album:
First Album: (What's The Story?) Morning Glory - Oasis
Last Album: Yourself or Someone Like You - Matchbox Twenty

First song that comes up on shuffle: Andruil - Howard Shore - RoTK OST

How many songs come up when you search for "sex"? 13
How many songs come up when you search for "death"? Four
How many songs come up when you search for "love"? 199

Arrange by play count:
Which is your most frequently played song? It's a two-way tie between Because the Night by 10,000 Maniacs and Get Over, the main theme to Hikaru no Go.
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Off to Wimbledon to watch the Men's Quarters later. Whee.

This amusled me )
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Gacked, but what the hell. Some anagrams of Titanic Days that may or may not 'mean' something;

Dana's Icy Tit - This is a bizarre one.
Satan City ID - I think this would be a great show; "September 8th, 9pm Eastern, 8 Central; Satan City ID, only on NBC."
Satanic Tidy - I do not keep things tidy, therefore it would surely be like a satanic version of tidying up. Aha!
Ditty In Casa - Singing in the house, something I do frequently when nobody's listening.

A couple of motor-racing ones:

A Static Indy - What happens when all the cars run out of petrol on the grid.
I Scat At Indy - A possible reference to bizarre and upsetting sexual practices occurring at Gasoline Alley.

Its Antic Day! - Well hurrah!
Intact Daisy - Always a good thing.

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