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So, [personal profile] aegeus and I are now, after six years and eleven months, husbands, with legal documents and rings and everything.

For anyone who unaccountably missed the detail, we got married in a small registry office in Weybridge in Surrey at 10:30 in the morning on June 19th, and then in the afternoon we took about 75 family and friends on a four hour cruise along the Thames from Hampton Court to Richmond, which was very relaxing and full of lovely company and cake, and we didn't even drink all the money that we'd put behind the bar...

I know a lot of friends couldn't be there and some people we were not able to invite due to space constraints and if that is the case you really were missed.

We flew out to the US two days after the wedding and had four or five wonderful days at L's parents' holiday/eventual retirement home in the Blue Ridge, which was lovely and high up and therefore several degrees cooler than DC. It was laid back, peaceful and sunny, with a lot of time to sit outside reading in the sun with a glass of wine.

The following week we came back up to DC - slightly earlier than planned - did a day trip out to George Washington's house at Mount Vernon, had awesome dinner chez [personal profile] wordplay and [personal profile] chromodynamics, then hung out with NY people pre lovely Saturday wedding BBQ, and yesterday did 4th of July fireworks from a top floor apartment with panoramic views of all the different displays.

The last couple of days I have not been the most awesome company, however, as late on Saturday evening my body went 'noo, fuck this shit' and conspired against me, with the upshot that I am sick and run down and about to go back to work, which is not way up there on the scale of global suck, but is still UNNECESSARY. Too much has happened and frankly, I need a holiday to get over this one.

So we are about to go to Dulles the day after 4th July, and I just know it will be full of waddling tourists and church groups going home after spending Independence Day in the capital, and I am ill and the thought of a seven hour flight, even with Virgin, is just upsetting.

Anyway, I will do some proper blogs on the last three weeks when we are back in the UK and I have some time to write.

Thanks to everyone who made the last three weeks truly unforgettable.
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