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L just made the most amazing brussel sprouts, braised in cream or something, I couldn't recite the recipe from memory or anything quite as spectacular as that. They were better than my Dad's, by a country mile. We'll be having those again. There's still half a packet left, after all.

I've been feeling a vague New Year New Me type vibe the past three days. It's the start of my fourth decade, I'll be 30 in a little over two years time, and overall I'm pretty content with how things are going, and hopefully we'll come back to that in posts yet to come, if I have the presence of mind to actually write them.

Anyhow, it's been a good catalyst to have an early spring clean and tidy up this pigsty of a flat. We spent most of Saturday - apart from side trips to Sainsbury's and the gym - sorting out boxes and boxes of paper and working the shredder overtime. We've filled four big recycling sacks with shredded documents, many of them have been following me around since I first moved to Harrow in 2005, and some of them since I left Brighton in 2004.

This morning, we drove up to the 'Western Riverside Waste Authority' (the tip), which is by the Thames in Wandsworth town centre, and got rid of a carload of paper, card, old clothes and various bits of junk that we had no need for.

I also binned several years worth of Attitudes and AXMs (gay mags), including the first gay magazine I ever bought in the Churchill Square Borders in May 2001, with Ivan Massow on the cover. I'd say it brought a lump to my throat to throw it out, but that would be a blatant lie; the fashions were a decade out of date, and as for the hot swimwear for summer '01 feature, well I'd die before I was caught dead in that pattern (kidding, kidding).

The upshot of this Kim 'n Aggie-style binge-chuck is, short term, a flat that we can move around in and isn't filled with any old shit, but psychologically, for me at least, a feeling of space and declutteryness that is, in all honesty, quite a nice way to start a decade.

I haven't wished anyone on here a Happy New Year yet and I know some of you are having a pretty lousy start to the year, so to you specifically I send good thoughts and to everyone in general, wishes for a clutter-free decade.
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