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I first tried doing NaNoWriMo in, gosh, 2002, when I wrote a 15,000 word epic involving dragons and lots of hot teenaged boys discovering their sexuality together in a generally groovy and enlightened way. And then in mid-November I got distracted by looming essay deadlines and ditched the whole enterprise, which was a shame because I'd been doing rather well.

Then I tried again in 2003. At about this time my tastes in fannish things were wending away from dragons and boarding schools and towards giant Japanese robots. This one was about giant robots and it even had a title, it was called A Very English Manga and I got about 500 words into it before I realised what a ridiculous conceit the whole thing was and, once again, ditched it before you could say deus ex machina. Then I went back to worrying about how crap my job was, and as you all know I've been pretty stumped for ideas ever since.

Then I picked this one up off [ profile] quiet_lucidity, who has spotted a rather intriguing thinger called NaBloPoMo, whereby us lesser mortals who would quite like to think we're authors but can never get it together to actually write fiction update our blogs every day throughout November. I feel that for me this is an eminently achievable target. So while you smug NaNoWriMo mob are off slaving over your hot novels, I get to play in the shallow end of the literary pool with the floats and the giant inflatable crocodile. No boring lengths for me! Someone switch on the wave machine!

To make it a bit more interesting I'm copycatting Fran and am going to carry my camera around for a month and try to do a photo a day. So to kick us off as we move into winter - and by gum it was cold in London today - here's a picture of some nice winter warmers that I took this afternoon.

Bottles of whisky
Originally uploaded by titanic_days.

I've only just set up a Flickr account, so I haven't figured out how to get it to post to LJ looking nice and all. So I may go back to Photobucket, or even try using that insane LJ picture thinger again.

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